Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Join the Brutesquad

I mentioned trying to find the unlimited version of Atomic Bonds, the game created by an administrator of the defunct Gone Gold website. I've not been successful in my search, but at least now you can download the 7-day trial instead of emailing me for it.

Download Atomic Bonds trial version

In this case, "7 days" seems to mean you can play it on 7 different days, not that you have 7 consecutive days to play it. For reasonable fun and challenge, I recommend going to the Options screen and choosing Elimination mode with Allow Diagonals, Timer, Difficulty 4, Extra Atoms 4, and Blockers 2. I challenge you to build and clear a molecule of this size:

Important undocumented tip: right-clicking rotates the atom you are about to place.

Here's one of the fun nag screens:

That final "quote" demonstrates Joel Mathis's fascination with Cthulhu. Many other Gone Golders shared this fascination, which I believe is why we're now the Octopus Overlords.

As a bonus, I'm also making available another of Mathis's creations: Gone Gold Brute Squad. I guess you could call the Brutesquad the militant wing of Gone Gold. (Here is a possible explanation of its origin.) Featuring characters designed by Gone Golders (who based the designs on themselves), this turn-based strategy game depicts the Brutesquad's adventures in killing all the idiots that have ever inconvenienced us.

It's simple. It's fun. And it's free. That's right, baby, no trial period here!

Download Gone Gold Brute Squad

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